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F.S.T. is a Newayz Education professional development program that strengthens your organization's culture and grows your business!

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When you put the right conditions in place, all the right things begin to happen.

Clients love how this training has helped them...

  • After applying just one of the tools I learned from this program, I immediately noticed my team’s mood becoming more relaxed. It’s created better understanding between us and we’ve become more collaborative as a team. I’m loving the results.
    Name Gene Bernier Cheeky Monkey Media
  • After attending an open event as a shorter condensed version and general overview of the program, I was able to implement key learnings and achieve immediate results within my own work environment.
    Name A. Spiller (Retail Banking)
  • Being a Senior Manager, I found this training invaluable because I could use it right away and I noticed an almost immediate improvement in communication within our project teams.
    Name Shane Spraggs Disney Online Studios

Focusing on What Really Matters

The ONE thing that organizations, communities, business teams, and social groups have in common is: PEOPLE. When you improve the dynamics between people, everything improves.

The quality of your life and work depends upon how much you are willing to accept personal responsibility for it. In other words, the more you take charge of what you personally control, the better your quality of life becomes.

Whether you like it or not, everything you think, feel, and do is under your control. But how often do you blame others for how you feel by saying things like “She’s stressing me out” or “He makes me mad” ? This reactive way of being has people wasting a lot of time and energy trying to control others in an attempt to feel better.

The Foundation of Successful Teams training system helps people to understand the nature and neuroscience behind their thought/feeling/behaviour system so that they become more responsive than reactive. Teams learn to become less influenced by their situation and more of an influence upon it. This subtle shift in power changes everything.

Relationships are like a tennis game: How you hit the ball to someone largely determines how it comes back to you.

This ‘back and forth’ motion is called a ‘dynamic’. 

‘Relationship Dynamics’ is a fancy term for how we treat each other. While you have no real control over how others treat you, you do have influence over it by how you treat them. How you ‘hit the ball’ to others is important because it means that you, as an individual, have the power to influence situations. 

Our training focuses upon the importance of creating the right relationship dynamics because all relationships come together to form the very conditions in which we live and work. The right relationship dynamic is the building block of a culture of success.

Does a vegetable farmer grow vegetables?

No. Vegetables grow on their own.

Farmers know that growth happens naturally when the conditions are right and work very hard to create the right conditions for a good harvest.

The same is true for business. While you cannot grow your business or project, you can work to create the right conditions for your business or project to succeed.

The word ‘culture‘, in its origin, means ‘cultivation of the soil‘. Within the right culture, everything thrives. A thriving business culture is one where everyone feels valued for who they are and the positions they fill. It’s a culture where everyone is looking out for each other. The Foundation of Successful Teams helps you develop this culture within your project team or organization.

The Foundation of Successful Teams is a multi-module training system customized to fit your situation. We help you to develop a sustainable success culture built upon a set of specific behaviours that are simple to understand, simple to implement, and produce quick and lasting results.


Corporate Training Alone Doesn't Help

Corporate training programs often teach specific strategies without actually addressing the environment within which these strategies would be used. It's much like throwing seeds onto the ground without first preparing the soil.

For this reason, while many corporate training programs offer good knowledge, they aren't enough to create lasting change in an organization.

If your organization is seeking long-term success, it must first have its roots in developing a strong success culture.

"Culture eats strategy for breakfast."

- Peter Drucker

In the popular quote by Peter Drucker above, the famous management consultant teaches us that all the great strategies in the world are useless if they aren't being used within the right culture. The right culture is one of mutual trust and respect. The wrong culture is one of stressed relationships and diminishing trust between colleagues. This wrong culture is like rough waters that drown all good strategies.

Developing the right culture is the key to your success.

The Foundation of Successful Teams is the name of our premier training system. It guides your team/organization in developing the right culture to build a lasting foundation for long-term success. Contact us today to learn more.

More praise from our clients

  • “When we embarked upon The Foundation of Successful Teams training with Mel and Trent in February, I was concerned about how it would be received by our Leadership team. The concepts are grounded in common sense but somehow we forget to practice them when faced with stress in both our personal and professional lives. Being able to review the concept and then practice it, discuss our experiences, and gain insights from one another, really helped solidify the value and enabled us and enabled us to implement changes quickly. We’ve seen improvement in the way the team interacts and holds each other accountable, and have heard many stories of how the participants were able to integrate the learnings into their personal lives. It is a simple yet effective program and Mel and Trent are very engaging facilitators.” 

    Lisa Neilson Lisa Neilson
  • The Foundation of Successful Teams training from Newayz has empowered our leadership team, as a group and as individuals, to take responsibility for facilitating a work environment built on respect, accountability, and productivity. Immediately after the first session, we were able to start applying the practical learning and insights into our day-to-day interactions and thought processes. As a result of the training, we have built a stronger team who is better equipped to support each other through challenges and put our most productive foot forward.”

    Shanley H. Shanley H.
  • “Before (FST), my wife and I used to have a lot of dialogue in the evenings about challenges and problems we dealt with in our work day. This resulted in us both feeling stressed for the balance of the night. Now, we ‘vomit’ briefly about challenges we face (don’t try to solve them for each other anymore), and then only talk about positive things. Much less stress now and happier people overall!”

    Mike W. Mike W.
  • “Before the FST program, I heard about some of the concepts and some were fairly common in life. But as I went through the program, I began to see these seemingly ‘common’ concepts in a new light. I learned a true process that I can use to apply existing skills and newly acquired ones in a very meaningful way in my personal and professional life. I was pleasantly surprised at how much of an immediate positive impact this program had on me and it has really changed my life! No exaggeration!”

    Kirk Hutchinson Kirk Hutchinson


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